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Why we still need the foreign language requirement

October 10, 2016

With the country’s sizable (but shrinking) monolingual population, required language courses are under constant pressure to prove their worth. Of course, thousands of graduates each year will use their language skills in fields such as healthcare, law, or public administration. But for students who will not continue beyond the required course sequence, university decision makers… Read More ›

How I ended my dysfunctional relationship with the podium

When I first began teaching, the podium in front of the classroom was my safe haven. It was a security blanket that delineated my “instructor zone” and shielded me, at least partially, from the watchful eyes of a classroom full of students. I loved the podium. Some days I literally clung to it, wrapping my… Read More ›

Five big reasons to love your millennials

Millennials don’t always have the greatest reputation. They are accused of being needy, entitled, and rife with unrealistic expectations. True, this generation may have its faults, but millennials are not all bad. Over my past decade of teaching, I have lived through the shift from the late Gen Xers to the millennial newbies; on any given… Read More ›

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