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How I embraced Twitter to promote student productivity

July 13, 2014

If I had to name the leading cause of distraction in my classroom it would be, without any doubt, the smartphone. Most if not all of our millennial students have one, and I would venture to say that the overwhelming majority of them use at least one social media app as well. Chances are that… Read More ›

The importance of transparency in the classroom

Would you board a plane but not know where you are going? What about take on a job but not have any idea as to what the expectations are? For some people this spontaneity may be exciting from time to time, but even the most free-spirited will crave some sense of bearing. Although this is… Read More ›

A happy hour in the classroom?

“Happy hour” is generally something that instructors do after class, long after we have left the classroom. However, these two words have more to do with my courses than you could imagine. Consider this – just as the first impressions made during a social happy hour set the tone for the interaction, the precedent that… Read More ›

Blog it out with your course assignments

The Partnership for 21st Century (P21) World Languages Skills Map states that in the past students would “turn in work only for the teacher,” but that today “learners create to ‘share and publish’ to audiences more than just the teacher.” Though the P21 Skills Map refers to the foreign-language K-12 classroom, the practice of publishing work for larger… Read More ›

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