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7 mistakes that teachers make (and how to avoid them)

July 20, 2014

As this last semester came to a close, I met with some fellow educators that had begun teaching around the same time as my cohort (i.e. when Nickelback was on the radio). With nostalgia we reminisced of the emotion, anxiety, and at times mild terror we felt during our first semester in front of a class, as… Read More ›

How much should educators show off? The question of mastery

For me, a doctor’s appointment is usually focused on, well, me. I write down a list of symptoms or issues to discuss with the physician and once we have “covered” everything, we say our goodbyes and continue on with our respective days. Recently, though, I had an appointment with a specialist that completely shifted my… Read More ›

Five big reasons to love your millennials

Millennials don’t always have the greatest reputation. They are accused of being needy, entitled, and rife with unrealistic expectations. True, this generation may have its faults, but millennials are not all bad. Over my past decade of teaching, I have lived through the shift from the late Gen Xers to the millennial newbies; on any given… Read More ›

What do you say to “that’s so gay”?

We’ve all heard it before. Perhaps some of us have even said it when we were younger. Maybe some of our friends and family still say it. Allow me to take you back to 1999. You’re fourteen years old and your mom just told you that you can’t hang out with your friends tomorrow night… Read More ›

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